Has Linkedin helped someone you know find a job?

My alma mater, the University of North Texas, has asked me to speak to a group of students about how to use LinkedIn to find a job. I cover the basics of creating a profile, making connections, being in groups, etc. Thanks to several connections on Linkedin I have some great advice from recruiters and HR professionals about how they use it, and advice for job seekers.

If you have any thoughts/advice for how people entering the workforce should be using Linkedin, or things for them to think about, I would appreciate hearing it.


What Was Chipotle Thinking?

I saw this mobile marketing poster when visiting Chipotle over the weekend. The purpose is to highlight the restaurants commitment to “food integrity”, something that Chipotle has championed for many years now.  There is a brief blurb on the poster describing that committment and asking customers to text a code to a special number for more information.

While this seems like a good way to get people to engage deeper with your brand, in practice it seems like a waste of time.

What customer is going to stand in line and actually text in the number just to hear more about Chipotle’s food integrity?

How many customers are going to participate knowing it costs them a text message and whatever their carrier charges for this message?

Is the purpose really to show Chipotle is trying to be engaging and leaving it to customers to decide what they will do?

Or is it possible someone in their marketing department thought mobile marketing was cool and thought up this idea to try it out?


How To Get More Of The Best Twitter Followers? Let A Computer Do It

When you tweet something out, you want to be heard, and you want to be heard by many of the right people. The more people that read your tweet that are your ideal customers, the better for your business.

I’ve been using an automated program for my clients that increases their quality twitter followers, and I would like to put this program to work for you.

Here’s a little more about what it does:
– It searches for words inside Twitter conversations people are having about products and services you care about
– It follows people talking about your target words
– Twitter will send them a message that you are following them (Brand Awareness)
– If someone follows you it automatically sends a thank you message (Brand Awareness)
– The program auto follows back anyone that follows you, which sends them a message (Brand Engagement)
– Allows you to Direct Message any and all of your followers (Brand Engagement)

You can see how many times it gets your brand out. This program is running 24/7 and requires minimal maintenance, which is the part where I come in. I’ve been adding this program to the services I provide my clients and would like to add it for you. The cost is $50 a month for the installation and maintenance. I do all the work, you reap the benefits.

The best part is that you can try it for free for the first month. If you don’t like it, you pay nothing!

Schedule a demo with me today to hear more about this powerful new tool. Greg@ChangeDFW.org

Why should a business be on Twitter? Customers, Conversations, and Website Traffic

One of the questions I get when talking to a potential client is “Why should they spend time on twitter”. The three things I tell them are customers, conversations, and wesbite traffic.

Their customers are on Twitter right now:
– talking about your products and services and
– telling their followers what they like and dislike
– talking about their need for services

They may also be talking about your competitors and your competitors may be on Twitter as well. A business should be listening to what your competitors are saying to give you a competitive advantage in your market.

Twitter allows you to engage in conversations immediately.
– You can listen to conversations that matter whenever you want, because they are happening all the time.
– You can ask people questions and listen to the responses
– You can solicit responses from specific people you’d like to hear from
– All of this is with an immediacy to you can’t get from anything else online

Twitter helps you build traffic to your website because tweets are searchable
– People can go out and looking for what you’re talking about
– They may not be following you, but will search for your tweets and will redirect to your website

Customers, Conversations, and Website Traffic make Twitter a powerful tool for your business.

In my next video coming next week I’ll show you how to find the conversations that matter to you. Stay tuned.

Here Is Your Friday Moment of Fun!

Interactive Workshops. Master Class. Nonprofit Networking. Horned Frogs?

Why I Kicked Facebook To The Curb!

Here are a few reasons why I’ve switched back to a blogsite for my main website.

1. Blog posts are better produced in a blog than in Facebook Notes.  (sounds like such a no-brainer now)

2. Facebook Fan Pages are as customizable as I needed

3. Google Search results still prefer blog posts on websites than Facebook Notes

What do you think?