5 tips to getting the most from your logo design contest

Change for a Dollar went through this process recently and are very pleased with the outcome.  Here are five tips on getting the most out of your contest.

#1 – Find a site that works for you

There are more and more crowdsourced logo design sites out there every day.  Check out several of them first so you get a feel for functionality and ease of use for the site and quality of the designs.  Then, pick the one that appeals to you most and is within your budget.

Full disclosure, we used LogoMyway.com for our logo contest.

Here a few more out there that you can start with:







#2 – What do you want out of this contest?

Before you start up your contest, you need to do a little strategic thinking.  Answer these questions ahead of time and you’ll have a complete picuture of your logo design needs.  This will save you time during the contest and give designers a clear picture of their design goal.

  • Who is your audience for this logo?
  • What do you want it to represent, classic vs. modern, traditional vs. cutting edge, old school vs. Web 2.0?
  • Do you want the title of your group in the logo?
  • Do you want to include the tagline?
  • Are there images or ideas out on the web you can point to as giving a good representation of what you like or don’t like?
  • How will this logo be used? (Website, Twitter, Blog, Stationary, Business Cards)

#3 – Be Proactive

Now that you’ve entered your contest you plan on sitting back and letting the designs roll in, right?  Wrong.

If you want the most from your contest  you need to stay active in the contest.  As designs come in, let designers know what you like and don’t like.  Constantly rate and re-rate what comes in so that designers watching the contest but have yet to weigh in know what you are looking for.  Look around at other contests and find designers and logos you like.  Email or message those designers and ask they submit something for your contest.

Designers need feedback like everyone else. By staying active in the contest, you’ll get a better product at the end and save time by being upfront about what you like and don’t like.

#4 – Be open minded

Going into this contest you had a clear vision for what you wanted your logo to look like.   You’ve picked colors, have an idea about layout and might even be deciding how it will look on your new business cards.

Be prepared to throw that idea out the window!  You are getting tons of new ideas from people all over the world.  They are male or female, young or old, black/white, and everything in between.  One of the fundamental benefits of crowdsourced logos is that you get ideas from all across the spectrum.  Be open to how these new ideas convey your message. It might be they have things to share that are more effective, imaginative, and inspiring than what you originally envisioned.

#5 – Engage your supporters/followers

Use this process to solicit feedback from your customers, clients, donors, friends and family.  Getting perspectives from lots of different perspectives is vital to producing a logo that appeals to all.  Plus this is a great way to include your supporters or clients into the process and make them feel part of the effort.

Use your social media to update them on progress.  Let them vote for a few of your finalists, and make a big announcement when the winner is picked.

Good luck!

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