How can I charge $1 per project?

That question was posed to me recently as a comment on the blog and its a question I get alot.  Hopefully, by posting my reply it might generate more discussion and interest in this idea.

“I accidently found you through logoworks and had to find out more which brought me to your website. I am a nonprofit consultant over in Fort Worth and I am so ever curious how this works! Are you an LLC or nonprofit? how do you only charge one dollar per project?? – Rita”

And here was my response :

gregallbright, on October 28th, 2009 at 1:17 am Said: Edit Comment

  • Rita – Thanks for your question. I’m starting out as an independent consultant who believes that an economy of scale can be created to provide nonprofits with professional support services at a reduced rate. I’m in the first stage of the plan which is to prove the model. The model being that by farming out a resource, me for now, to many different groups throughout the week/month/year the charity derives a greater benefit than if they’d paid a single consultant to do the work at industry rates. Its still early, but I believe the model will work.

    Stay tuned! – Greg

I should have added that there are two other parts of the sustainability model : transition and ongoing services.  We would serve as a bridge between incoming and outgoing staff for nonprofits that may not need those services full time. We also would provide ongoing services to nonprofits that want professional services performed regularly, but do not have a need for or can afford a full or part time staff to perform these functions. Both of these services are provided for a fee.

Our goal is to subsidize the work we do for $1 a project with the transition and ongoing services.

So there you have it.  What do you think about our idea and whether it will be effective?

If you know of a nonprofit, church, or school that would benefit from professional services, please have them email me –

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