4 E-Mail Marketing Lessons From 2009

Gail Goodman, in her post “4 Email Marketing Lessons from 2009” offers very good points on why email marketing is still relevant, meaningful, and how best to incorporate with social media.

The one additional point I would make as to why email is still more effective than other social media platforms is the nature of their delivery to people. Social media is typically done in “real time”, with tweets and status updates continually being refreshed.  If someone does not check their Facebook or Twitter for a while, they could miss an update or tweet.

With email though, it sits waiting in their inbox until some action is performed.  It doesn’t go anywhere until we read, delete, or archive, and it forces us to do something with it.  This increases the likelihood that someone will see it, open it, and act on whatever is inside.

Be sure to check out the full post by  Gail Goodman here!

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