Update : Email Marketing Guru Weighs In – How to Write Subject Lines that Increase Your Email Open Rate

In a recent post on this blog, I covered several tips on writing effective subject lines for your emails. These tips came from a presentation by Suzanne Norman, Director of Community Relations for Emma, an email marketing service.

I’m very excited to share with you that Ms. Norman has read the post and had several additional tips she wanted to pass along.

“It’s also important to identify yourself or your organization. Remember that your subject line is another form of identification for your email, and that in the split second you have to grab a reader’s eye, having your name (or your connection to the reader) in the mix may be just the thing.

Oh, and if you’re deciding between two great subject line contenders, why not try a test? Split your email audience into two sets, and test your two subject lines between your groups. Then see what kind of effect each subject line has on your open rates, clickthroughs, and your general popularity around town.”

Thanks for your insights Suzanne!

Read the entire blog post here….

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