How Non-Profits and Activists Can Leverage Location Based Services

Mashable has a piece out on how nonprofits can leverage location based services for social good.

“What started as a highly addictive pastime for early adopters to alert their friends of their whereabouts and compete for virtual mayorship of their corner coffee shop, is steadily evolving into a global vehicle for individuals and businesses to garner social capital. With tech evangelists and small businesses exploring the potential power of Foursquare and other location enabled services, it was only a matter of time before change makers in the non-profit and social enterprise ecosystem “checked-in” and began finding innovative methods to rally support for their causes.”

While several ideas are offered, the one that will be easiest for nonprofits to get started is #2 – Turn Check Ins – Into Dollars. Find a local company that wants to partner with a nonprofit to sponsor a check contest at its store is perfect for this technology.  The nonprofit develops a relationship with a local business, and the they in turn get another network marketing their store.

For the full article read here…

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