How To : Create a Successful Company (or Nonprofit) Blog

Mark Suster offers his views on why and how a company should blog. For nonprofits these points are just as relevant.

A blog allows nonprofits to discuss how issues affect their ability to accomplish their mission.  A housing agency can blog about how rent-control policies impact the lives of the people it serves.  That agency is creating value for the reader by educating them on issues important to the agency and demonstrating why its important to people that care about housing issues.  It also improves the reputation of that agency because it is seen as trying to do something about the larger problems instead of just asking for money for its own organization.

I’ll have a post out soon on why nonprofits should spend less time talking about themselves and more on the issues that impact the people that walk through their door.  The main point being, people want to read about what an agency is doing to solve a problem or how that reader can be better educated to do something about it. The reader is less likely to care, really to the point of not caring at all, whether that agency just got a big grant, had a party, or something else agency-centric.

HOW TO: Create a Successful Company Blog.

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