Scalability and Social Media Management

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to scale up a social media clearly, we have some tansit scalability issues to work throughstrategy, mostly for a large company with multiple brands. Or consider the case of a real estate house with tons of agents.Each of them need to brand themselves by creating value and engaging their clients, prospects, etc. But how do you create a media management infrastructure that allows them to be independent but also promote the agency brand. In other words how do you make something to be both centralized and independent at the same time.

Marylene Delbourg has some good thoughts to start the conversation in her piece here…Scalability and Social Media Management.

If anyone else is sorting through these issues, with success or not I’d love to hear about them.

2 Responses to Scalability and Social Media Management

  1. Hi there, I launched my company “Wired Advisor” several months ago to provide this type of turn-key service to financial advisors; professionals who all are trying to differentiate with their ‘personal’ brands. We offer a platform where the advisors can get a custom blog site on their own url integrated with their social media profiles, analytics and reporting, membership in our financial advisor blog network, training, etc. We work with many different advisors from many different firms, but you could also apply a similar solution in an enterprise situation. Feel free to contact me with questions!

  2. gregallbright says:

    This is exactly the type of platform I am looking for, and will follow up with for more information. Its such an interesting idea to be able to give sales people the tools to compete in a “wired” world, but done in a way that lets them focus on message and not deliverability. Thanks for taking the time to post this Stephanie.

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