5 Keys To Using Photos To Market Your Business Or Nonprofit Online

A picture is no longer worth a thousand words.  In today’s world of digital media with its emphasis on visual graphics and presentation, they are worth much more. People love looking at photos. They are more likely to share photos with others, and it brings the experience of life and living to them in a visceral way.

The question I ask every day in support of my clients’ digital marketing efforts is this: “How can we bring more of your business, what you do, and who you are, online”.  The most effective way I have found to do that is by making photos the centerpiece of every update, blog posting, and email.  Here are are my five key focus areas for using photos to market your business or nonprofit:


1. Show your product. If you sell or giveaway product, show it.  Show pictures of people using (and enjoying) your product


2. Show your services. If you train people to use computers, show people learning on computers. If you teach CPR to lifeguards, show them giving chest compressions to the plastic dummy.


3.  Show your employees and volunteers. Reward those hard working employees and volunteers by splashing their mug on your website and Facebook.  Ask them to provide a bio or answer some fun lighthearted questions (Favorite Food, Sports Team, Etc).  Bring the human element of your operation online.  People connect with other people, not brands or logos.

4. What is unique or special about what you do? Is there something people are always commenting on, taking pictures of, or sharing about to their friends?  Use that something special often across all platforms (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

In my hometown of Dallas, Texas there’s a restaurant called Mariano’s Hacienda.  Along with having some of the best fajitas and enchiladas in town (shameless plug for free food) they are the birthplace of the frozen margarita.  The first machine they used is in the Smithsonian.  If they were my client the picture shown here would be featured prominently in all their media. It is something unique and special and can only be seen by coming in to the restaurant.





5. Events. The fun and festivities from an event don’t have to stop when the party is over.  Sharing photos online from events  brings back good memories for those that went, and makes the people who didn’t go envious of the good times.  They’ll be more likely to attend another event in the future.






A few quick tips for event photos

  • Take a lot of photos, especially of groups of people. People like to see themselves in photos, generally, and share with others.
  • Know who you are taking pictures of (have a volunteer write them down as someone else takes them) include company/organization
  • Remove drinks and name tags before
  • Use Facebook @mentions for sharing pics on your page of friends and family

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