“Twitter Table” At Charity Event Raises $4,000 And Much More…

At a recent charity event, organizers designated one of the dinner tables as a Twitter Table.  Guests of the Thompson Child & Family Focus Event were invited to that table based on their influence in the social networking sphere and were asked to promote the build up to, and night of, the event.  While the $4,000 raised exclusively by the Twitter Table participants was a small fraction of the total raised at the event ($645,000), that was not its main purpose.

The social influence of the Twitter Table guests was estimated at 38,000 followers, presumably over Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Reaching an audience that large starting a month prior to the event permeated the awareness of that charity into networks it had not had access to before. It also received the added bonus of having these influencers “vouch” for the charity to their followers, thereby creating a much stronger connection or level of trust.

So while the trendiness of the Twitter Table might lend itself to “novelty bin” status, the outcomes from the event are money raised, awareness greatly increased, and a host of new relationships made.  Assuming those relationships are cultivated properly, they can be turned into donors, volunteers, and even board members in the future.

What other applications might this concept by good for?  Concerts or Dance Recitals? Protest Marches? Golf Tournaments?

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