Raising Money and Awareness Using Foursquare

https://i1.wp.com/blog.creationdln.ca/images/upload/grand/foursquare-collage-401.jpgAllyson Kapin has a great article out on Network For Good about this subject.  Below are  some of her ideas on using this emerging technology.  I highly recommend reading the whole article here.

“How can nonprofits (big or small) start raising money or connecting with constituents on geo-location social networks like foursquare and Gowalla? Rosenberg and Waters had a few suggestions.

  • Have a sponsor donate $1 every time someone checks into their venue and shows it to the manager/cashier/etc.
  • If you’re coordinating an event, give attendees an opportunity to earn a swarm badge for being there with more than 50 people, or a super swarm badge for being there with more than 250 people. These badges are often hard to acquire and are considered a bonus.
  • Add a contest such as a random lottery drawing of everyone who checks-in or a prize for the person with the best “shout-out” when they check-in.
  • Don’t expect foursquare to make a special badge for your nonprofit. Stick with check-ins, mayor ships, and connections to offline opportunities.

Here are a few of my Foursquare basics:

  • Set up your social media monitoring so that if someone checks-in at your business or nonprofit you are able to thank and follow them.
  • When someone becomes Mayor, use your own social networks to let everyone, this will increase the interest in becoming Mayor.
  • Rotate your specials for Foursquare on a regular basis to maintain interest.  Every check-in one month could be worth a free soda, whereas the next month offer half off a dessert.  Mix it up!

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