Slideshare Presentation for “How Nonprofit Volunteers Can Use Social Media”

After six months of working with five nonprofit volunteers, I presented the results of that work to the Dallas Fort Worth American Marketing Association’s Nonprofit Special Interest Group. (They must be competing for some “Longest Organization Name” prize, good luck!) The event was fantastic, everything went off without a hitch, the food excellent, and the best part was the engagement with the attendees. They asked insightful and meaningful questions and asked follow up questions to each other. Some of the questions will form the basis of future blog posts here as well as workshop topics for the Nonprofit SIG.

A few asked for copies of the presentation so I’ve loaded it on to slideshare below. For those that attended the workshop, what did you think about the information presented? Is it possible to find volunteers motivated to go through that process? Was it helpful for nonprofits to think of how to empower their volunteers in such a direct way?

3 Responses to Slideshare Presentation for “How Nonprofit Volunteers Can Use Social Media”

  1. jamessnider says:

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the fantastic presentation. You exceeded my expectations with tons of useful information. It was all understandable….and great material is not useful if it is not understandable. You did a great job. Thanks, James Snider

    • gregallbright says:

      James – Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed it and were able to make it. If you have more information about the social media group you have in Lewisville email me so I can repost it. Its a great idea that can/should be replicated elsewhere. thanks again for your comment.

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