5 Ideas For How Nonprofits Can Use The New Facebook Pages

Facebook has rolled out the redesign of Facebook Pages. The changes are make Pages feel just like a user profile. There are some great articles out there for explaining what changes were made, like this piece on Mashable.com. Based on the changes made here are some ideas for how a nonprofit might use them to engage and inform donors, volunteers, and the media.

With the ability to interact as the nonprofit with other pages you can post comments on other posts on pages or post a new comment. As long as you “like” the page you will be able to comment or post anything as your page.

1. If you have received a donation from a company, you can post to their wall a personalized thank you as your nonprofit. Perhaps you could add a picture from the staff saying thank you or from the event they helped support.

2. If a group of people volunteered from another business/church/school you could post on their page a thank you and let them know how much their support/effort meant.

3. Share an article/photo/video of something from another page that is meaningful to your page as well. If one of your partner agencies is having an event soon, share it with your followers. Hopefully that partner agency will do the same for you one day.

4. @mentions will still work, only this time they will only work for other pages. If your staff went to a training class at a company or other training agency let your supporters know. Post a status update thanking them for the training, use the @mention to include their name so people can click on the agency name to find their page and it will also post to their page as well. That’s a whole lot of productivity for one post!

5. Change the pictures at the top to feature one event or a series of profiles on staff or volunteers. With the prominent placement of the photos people are sure to pay attention, so use this area to your advantage. If you have an event coming up, use the area to highlight your sponsors or post pictures of the prizes being auctioned off.

Those are the ideas we have for now, we’ll post some more as we continue exploring the new Facebook Pages redesign.

What other ideas would be helpful for nonprofits to use the new Facebook pages?

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