There Is A Three-Way Contest For The Flip Video Camera

A few weeks ago while presenting a workshop titled “How Nonprofit Volunteers Can Use Social Media” for the Dallas/Fort Worth American Marketing Association, I issued a challenge.  The challenge, available only to the workshop attendees,  was to get the most number of comments for your photo or video on the Change For A Dollar Facebook page by February 25th, 2011.  The grand prize is a FLIP Video Camera.

The purpose of the challenge is to reinforce the strategies and tactics learned in the workshop, which was designed to demonstrate to the participants how to create a volunteer based campaign, create and implement content, and measure the results.

To date there have been three entries, two photos and one video.  Here are the current standings as of February 21, 2011:

1. Shannon Blackwell for the Tarrant County Birth Network

2. Barbara Errickson for KIPP Truth Academy

3. Joan Tibbets Hudson for LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas)

To see the photos and video submitted click on the Change For A Dollar Facebook page and follow the contest.

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