Customer Retention Increased Using Social Media – Small Business Case Study

Special thanks to Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik, one of my social media clients, for letting me write this case study.

Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik experienced significant drop off of customers from its younger age music classes into older ones.  The main reason parents cited for this drop off was that as their children grew older they were able to take different types of classes and activities that they could not do as toddlers such as sports, individual music, dance, etc. Soundsteps wanted to transition more children from younger classes to older ones.

A social media campaign was developed to engage past and present customers of Kindermusik.  Facebook and Twitter accounts were established along with content outlines for engaging and informative content. (Examples below) Daily content was posted for the purpose of bringing the Kindermusik experience online, encouraging conversations among parents about the benefits gained from music classes, and provide shareable content to friends and family from Kindermusik customers.

Follow Kindermusik On Facebook By Clicking On The Image

The spring of 2011 enrollment figures for older age classes were at a higher rate than younger classes for the first time in the history of their local business.  Soundsteps attributes much of this success to the social media campaign.

Follow Kindermusik On Twitter By Clicking On The Image


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