How A Manager In Texas Used LinkedIn To Hire A Sales Position In Florida

The first in an occasional series on how social media can be used for recruiting.

Michelle Yancy used LinkedIn to exclusively recruit for a sales manager position. The company is based out of Irvine, California, the hiring manager, Michelle, in Dallas, Texas, and they needed a sales manager for the Miami, Florida area.  She posted a position description to the LinkedIn Job Board and paid $195, which would keep the position listed for one month.  Out of the 35 candidates that applied, Michelle estimated that three-fourths were qualified for the position. One of the factors she used to select the best candidate was to compare their LinkedIn and resume information.

“LinkedIn proved to be a valuable tool in recruiting for this position.  We were looking for someone with a professional image and LinkedIn offered more chances for someone to demonstrate that image when compared to a traditional resume. This was money well spent, and I would use the service again for my next hire.” – Michelle Yancy, on the value she gained from using LinkedIn

Her advice for recruiters using the service was to be as specific as possible in the job description. Instead of keeping it broad in hopes of attracting lots of candidates, she suggested its best to eliminate people from not applying by being clear about what you are looking for in a candidate.

Michelle Yancy is the National Sales Director for WoodSide Credit, find them on the web at

If you or someone you know has used social media to recruit for a position and would like to share their story, please email me – Greg@ChangeDFW.Org

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