More Email Is Coming! More Email Is Coming! (Good For Marketers, Bad For Consumers)

Think you get a lot of email in your inbox now?  If the infographic below is correct, you’ll be getting more “Bacon” email in the future. Bacon email is not spam, its sent from legitimate sources at your request, but they send alot.  And they send more than you want or are willing to read.  One of the more interesting figures is that only 18% of people love the bacon they currently received, while 61% is deleted without being read.

For those in the marketing world that thought email was dying this should serve as a wakeup call that its not going anywhere.  Faced with more competition for their customers via email marketing, how should business be responsible about sending out email so as not to alienate their customers and devalue their brand?

One idea is to consider removing people from your email list who never open your email marketing pieces.  If someone has not opened any email after six different attempts, for example, is it really worth continuing to send them more? Perhaps you should have seperate email lists for frequent and infrequent open subscribers.

What are your thoughts on this infographic?

4 Responses to More Email Is Coming! More Email Is Coming! (Good For Marketers, Bad For Consumers)

  1. Marta Costa says:

    Love the Spam vs Bacon differentiation.

    A couple of thoughts as I read this.

    It’s the same amount of effort to send the email, regardless of how many people are on the list or whether or not they actually read the message.

    Also, the open rates aren’t 100% reliable. Many of these messages may have been opened or read and just not registered as such in your system.

    Lastly, these people subscribed to your list for a reason. Perhaps it’s just a matter of finding out what it is that they want from you and finding a way to provide more of that in the emails you send them.

  2. gregallbright says:

    Marta – I thought the same thing. Maybe they will start calling email from trusted sources “filets” or “Steak”.

    Perhaps the reason I consider removing people from a list is that I fear damaging the brand, in their eyes, if they associate the company name with annoying emails that they never read.

    You make a good point about finding out more about why people aren’t opening the emails and how do we get them the content they want. The question that leads to however, is, if they won’t open email, how do we ask them questions in the first place?

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Ira S. says:

    Thank you for this most interesting article.

    Nowadays, I find email marketing very commonplace and frankly, it is all annoying. It makes me feel like the person sending it views me as a bullseye to be hit, not a person to gain their trust through a growing personal relationship.

    I get warm and receptive to someone who has taken the time to snail mail me a communication that at least appears somewhat personalized. That is what grabs my attention and makes me want to find out more about the person who bothered to take the time and not just bombard me as one of 1,000’s. They may have snail mailed it to 1,000’s, but, if it looks personalized, then I get a special feeling and want to find out more about that person, company and their products. Those are the people I now want to do business with.

  4. gregallbright says:

    I’m reposting this comment from someone on twitter b/c I think its a great idea:

    @LissaDuty – U never know the email they might actually click on. My opinion … leave them on there until they unsubscribe. U could always send a personal message to them if u r wanting to downsize ur last and ask the reconfirm the subscription. If they confirm keep them … if not dump them. You could be going to their spam folder and they are not seeing them at all. Lot’s to consider and think about!

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