Why I Kicked Facebook To The Curb!

Here are a few reasons why I’ve switched back to a blogsite for my main website.

1. Blog posts are better produced in a blog than in Facebook Notes.  (sounds like such a no-brainer now)

2. Facebook Fan Pages are as customizable as I needed

3. Google Search results still prefer blog posts on websites than Facebook Notes

What do you think?


3 Responses to Why I Kicked Facebook To The Curb!

  1. Lee Thurburn says:

    Greg – I am so pleased to see your comments about Facebook as a less than optimal primary website for a business. You are right about your decision and have obviously done some research. I run across a lot of business people who do not realize the limitations that you have discovered. There is another more general issue which you sort of touched upon… that is that your corporate brand is subordinated by Facebook when you use a Facebook Fan Page as a business website. You lack the ability to totally control the brand image like you should be able to control… that is in part what you seemed to be referencing when you mentioned the lack of ability to move things around on the page like you wanted to.

    I look forward to visiting with you next weekend at greater length. I will share information that will ratify your decision and should expand your reference points for how to get the most out of your web presence.

    • gregallbright says:

      Lee – Thank you for your comments. One of the lessons I learned was that by trying this I learned a great deal about Facebook Fan page, that I might not learn otherwise. They have great utility, and for some people (small nonprofits or perhaps one time events) it might still be the best answer for a website.

      I’m looking forward to our discussion next week.

  2. Remi Grumeau says:

    Agree, i’ve switched back to a blogsite too after a year of blogging on my facebook account.

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