How To Get More Of The Best Twitter Followers? Let A Computer Do It

When you tweet something out, you want to be heard, and you want to be heard by many of the right people. The more people that read your tweet that are your ideal customers, the better for your business.

I’ve been using an automated program for my clients that increases their quality twitter followers, and I would like to put this program to work for you.

Here’s a little more about what it does:
– It searches for words inside Twitter conversations people are having about products and services you care about
– It follows people talking about your target words
– Twitter will send them a message that you are following them (Brand Awareness)
– If someone follows you it automatically sends a thank you message (Brand Awareness)
– The program auto follows back anyone that follows you, which sends them a message (Brand Engagement)
– Allows you to Direct Message any and all of your followers (Brand Engagement)

You can see how many times it gets your brand out. This program is running 24/7 and requires minimal maintenance, which is the part where I come in. I’ve been adding this program to the services I provide my clients and would like to add it for you. The cost is $50 a month for the installation and maintenance. I do all the work, you reap the benefits.

The best part is that you can try it for free for the first month. If you don’t like it, you pay nothing!

Schedule a demo with me today to hear more about this powerful new tool.


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