What Was Chipotle Thinking?

I saw this mobile marketing poster when visiting Chipotle over the weekend. The purpose is to highlight the restaurants commitment to “food integrity”, something that Chipotle has championed for many years now.  There is a brief blurb on the poster describing that committment and asking customers to text a code to a special number for more information.

While this seems like a good way to get people to engage deeper with your brand, in practice it seems like a waste of time.

What customer is going to stand in line and actually text in the number just to hear more about Chipotle’s food integrity?

How many customers are going to participate knowing it costs them a text message and whatever their carrier charges for this message?

Is the purpose really to show Chipotle is trying to be engaging and leaving it to customers to decide what they will do?

Or is it possible someone in their marketing department thought mobile marketing was cool and thought up this idea to try it out?



One Response to What Was Chipotle Thinking?

  1. I too saw that sign and thought the same things, but think of the throngs of teenagers, on unlimited text-ing plans, and nothing better to do with there time.

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