Why should a business be on Twitter? Customers, Conversations, and Website Traffic

One of the questions I get when talking to a potential client is “Why should they spend time on twitter”. The three things I tell them are customers, conversations, and wesbite traffic.

Their customers are on Twitter right now:
– talking about your products and services and
– telling their followers what they like and dislike
– talking about their need for services

They may also be talking about your competitors and your competitors may be on Twitter as well. A business should be listening to what your competitors are saying to give you a competitive advantage in your market.

Twitter allows you to engage in conversations immediately.
– You can listen to conversations that matter whenever you want, because they are happening all the time.
– You can ask people questions and listen to the responses
– You can solicit responses from specific people you’d like to hear from
– All of this is with an immediacy to you can’t get from anything else online

Twitter helps you build traffic to your website because tweets are searchable
– People can go out and looking for what you’re talking about
– They may not be following you, but will search for your tweets and will redirect to your website

Customers, Conversations, and Website Traffic make Twitter a powerful tool for your business.

In my next video coming next week I’ll show you how to find the conversations that matter to you. Stay tuned.


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