Change for a Dollar,LLC provides cost-effective professional support services with a specialization in digital marketing and recruiting solutions.

Digital Marketing – Social media. Websites. Mobile phones. Email. What are the the most effective ways to use these marketing tools to generate leads, empower volunteers, or retain existing customers or donors? How do they all work in together? We provide answers to these questions in the form of cost effective solutions. Our goal for your marketing program is to establish an integrated platform of social media accounts and email marketing that promotes your product or service. For more information click here.

Nonprofit Recruiting – We assist nonprofits with their recruiting efforts for fundraising and executive positions located in North Texas. The recruitment process starts with both parties fully understanding the qualifications for the position and desired attributes for success. We then aggressively seek candidates and professionally interview potential candidates to evaluate their ability to perform successfully in the position. We strive to bring clients candidates whom we recommend with no reservations. Its better to give no candidates than bad ones.  For more  information click here.


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