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Why I Kicked Facebook To The Curb!

Here are a few reasons why I’ve switched back to a blogsite for my main website.

1. Blog posts are better produced in a blog than in Facebook Notes.  (sounds like such a no-brainer now)

2. Facebook Fan Pages are as customizable as I needed

3. Google Search results still prefer blog posts on websites than Facebook Notes

What do you think?

Customer Retention Increased Using Social Media – Small Business Case Study

Special thanks to Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik, one of my social media clients, for letting me write this case study.

Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik experienced significant drop off of customers from its younger age music classes into older ones.  The main reason parents cited for this drop off was that as their children grew older they were able to take different types of classes and activities that they could not do as toddlers such as sports, individual music, dance, etc. Soundsteps wanted to transition more children from younger classes to older ones.

A social media campaign was developed to engage past and present customers of Kindermusik.  Facebook and Twitter accounts were established along with content outlines for engaging and informative content. (Examples below) Daily content was posted for the purpose of bringing the Kindermusik experience online, encouraging conversations among parents about the benefits gained from music classes, and provide shareable content to friends and family from Kindermusik customers.

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The spring of 2011 enrollment figures for older age classes were at a higher rate than younger classes for the first time in the history of their local business.  Soundsteps attributes much of this success to the social media campaign.

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We Are Teaming Up With Austin Street Centre!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Austin Street Centre in Dallas, Texas to provide social media and video production services.  Our goal is to let the world know the good works being done at Austin Street to serve the homeless and poor in Dallas using the latest social media tools. One project in particular is supporting the Austin Street Centre Social Media Volunteer Team that will use volunteers to manage the social media accounts for Austin Street. We are also developing a video series (see below) that features Austin Street staff and clients.

Austin Street Centre has served thousands of people since opening its doors in 1983.  They provide emergency shelter, food, showers, clothing, medications, counseling, and job training programs free of charge to those who come to the Centre. They also provide free counseling services in partnership with UT Southwestern Medical School and the University of North Texas. For more information about Austin Street, visit them online at

Austin Street On Facebook

Austin Street On Twitter

Our First Video Commercial, Let Us Know What You Think

We’ve produced our first video commercial for the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store.They have several sections of the store, staff, and volunteers they would like to feature in the coming year.  How can we make them better? Is there information you would like to have that should be included?  Anything you think we can do to help them get the word out about this great store via the video commercial would be appreciated.  Thanks for the feedback.

Win A Flip Video Camera, Learn How Nonprofit Volunteers Can Use Social Media

Want a chance to win the hottest video camera on the market? Everyone who registers and attends theFlip Video Camera February 11th, 2011 workshop “How Volunteers Can Use Social Networking To Raise Money and Awareness for Their Nonprofit will be eligible for a chance to win one Flip Video Ultra HD 1hr Camcorder. Hosted by the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Visit the event page for more information and to register.

New Client Announcement! St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

svdp thrift storeWe are proud to be serving the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store of Dallas as one of our clients. When you buy something at the store, those proceeds help the community.

We’ll have more about the great work done at St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in the coming weeks and months.

For More Information Visit Them On the Web