Has Linkedin helped someone you know find a job?

My alma mater, the University of North Texas, has asked me to speak to a group of students about how to use LinkedIn to find a job. I cover the basics of creating a profile, making connections, being in groups, etc. Thanks to several connections on Linkedin I have some great advice from recruiters and HR professionals about how they use it, and advice for job seekers.

If you have any thoughts/advice for how people entering the workforce should be using Linkedin, or things for them to think about, I would appreciate hearing it.


How A Manager In Texas Used LinkedIn To Hire A Sales Position In Florida

The first in an occasional series on how social media can be used for recruiting.

Michelle Yancy used LinkedIn to exclusively recruit for a sales manager position. The company is based out of Irvine, California, the hiring manager, Michelle, in Dallas, Texas, and they needed a sales manager for the Miami, Florida area.  She posted a position description to the LinkedIn Job Board and paid $195, which would keep the position listed for one month.  Out of the 35 candidates that applied, Michelle estimated that three-fourths were qualified for the position. One of the factors she used to select the best candidate was to compare their LinkedIn and resume information.

“LinkedIn proved to be a valuable tool in recruiting for this position.  We were looking for someone with a professional image and LinkedIn offered more chances for someone to demonstrate that image when compared to a traditional resume. This was money well spent, and I would use the service again for my next hire.” – Michelle Yancy, on the value she gained from using LinkedIn

Her advice for recruiters using the service was to be as specific as possible in the job description. Instead of keeping it broad in hopes of attracting lots of candidates, she suggested its best to eliminate people from not applying by being clear about what you are looking for in a candidate.

Michelle Yancy is the National Sales Director for WoodSide Credit, find them on the web at www.woodsidecredit.org

If you or someone you know has used social media to recruit for a position and would like to share their story, please email me – Greg@ChangeDFW.Org

Will Youtube Be Your Best Recruiter?

The short answer to that question is this: Probably, but you deserve something definitive, which is why I’m starting a new project that will provide real examples of how social media can be used for recruiting. If you know of a business or nonprofit with a “hard to fill position or just need to find the best person” that would be interested in getting complimentary social media help in recruiting for that position, have them contact me. Greg AT changedfw.org.

Most people are still waiting to see how much time is worth investing in these new social media tools before fully committing.  Probably a wise choice. Are there proven areas where spending your time is worth it in social media?

Having recently completed a project on how nonprofit volunteers can use social media, I’m confident there is at least one.

Social media works best when it is used to promote something externally. When you need to connect to people outside of your own network.

When thinking about the functions of every organization, one external duty ripe for social media integration jumps out at me: Recruiting.  What do you do after you’ve done all the standard job announcement activities and you don’t get back the quality of candidates you need. Most people just keep trying the same thing, hoping the right person will eventually see their job announcement and end the misery that is having a job vacancy go on longer than needed.

Can social media help?  If so, how do you find the essence of the position needs, or “ideal candidate qualities” and present that in a shareable buzz-producing content package? Social media may help, but how you use it to fill positions effectively is still an open question.

I intend to get facts to answer those questions so that people can use social media to recruit for their positions.  I’m hoping to find several “hard to fill” positions and work with the hiring manager to create mini-campaigns that will effectively get the word out about these positions and increase the number of quality candidates.  If you know of a business or nonprofit with a “hard to fill position or just need to find the best person” that would be interested in getting complimentary social media help in recruiting for that position, please consider having them contact me.  They can email me directly – Greg AT changedfw.org.

If you have seen good examples of social media being used to recruit positions, please share them with us in the comments below.  Thanks!

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Giving in 2011 survey report – DINI Partners

“In this third annual survey, more than 130 philanthropic leaders and fundraising professionals from across the United States shared their wisdom and insights about giving in this new year. The data provided in this Dini Partners’ survey report is encouraging and had much to say about the conviction that substantial fundraising and giving must and will go on.

For your convenience, the following is a link to the Giving in 2011 survey report — where it is available for printing, reading and sharing. Additionally, you can email this link to anyone for whom you think these survey results about giving in 2011 will be helpful.”