The Best $30 You Will Spend All Year – DFW Nonprofit Communicators Conference

The DFW Nonprofit Communicators Conference provides education, resources, and networking opportunities in a convenient full-day format of interactive workshops, for nonprofit communication professionals at an affordable cost of just $30, including lunch. This year’s third annual conference will be May 20, 2011, at TCU Brown-Lupton University Union on Stadium Drive in Fort Worth.

Luncheon Keynote: Stacy Caldwell, Executive Director of Dallas Social Venture Partners

Workshop topics will include:
*Social Media – Sessions on Writing
*Legal policies, and Measurement
*Board Advocacy and Engagement
*Crisis Communication
*Channels and Messaging for Diversity
*Education Connections for Internships and Service Learning
*Communicating Mission

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Turning your Twitter Around: How to Improve Social Media Presence

Lesson 1: Know Your Audience

Are you speaking to wealthy men ages 35-65 who you need to keep your non-profit afloat with donations? Perhaps you’re looking to interest pregnant unwed teens who need somewhere to turn when they’re not ready for a baby? Okay, so obviously the latter would be an easier target to access via social media, but you can’t discount the older crowds. These days, everyone from pre-teens to grandparents is tweeting, posting and friend-requesting like the rest of us.

First of all, figure out who your audience is. This may take more research than you think, but it is the most important thing when getting results from social media outlets. Remember that you can never appeal to everyone. Specific audiences (say 25-50 year-old breast cancer survivors) are much easier to make an impact with than a vague group (women).

That said, when posting with social media, make sure you use a voice that will make sense to that audience. Whether you’re informing them about your business, trying to raise money for a cause, or just giving them information beneficial to their market, you have to be engaging. Educate yourself about your audience; know what they like to do, where they hang out, shop, eat, and of course, how they talk. If this is difficult, try to get help from someone in the market. Knowing everything about them is the only way you will be able to truly get through to them. It may feel foreign speaking as “someone else” at first, but with practice, you’ll become an expert at communicating to your market.

D Nightlife is targeting active young Dallasites who love going out to bars, restaurants, and trying new things with friends. This post gives this audience the ability to tell D Magazine what their favorite bar is by voting in the poll, and hearing what other people around town are saying. The informal tone resonates with this audience well.

Heart Disease is the #1 killer of American women, and although it affects all ages, The American Heart Association wants to reach out to middle-aged women, because they are the ones who will tell their friends, parents, etc. Also, women often do the grocery shopping for their homes, and giving them tips on how to help keep their family safe from heart disease is engaging.
Stay tuned for Lesson #2 – Is Posting A Question Always A Good Thing

Real Estate Agents. Marketing Innovators?

I saw this QR code while driving around and had to snap a photo. Its the first time I’ve seen a QR code used to sell homes. Have you started noticing these pop up in advertisements and other marketing?

More Email Is Coming! More Email Is Coming! (Good For Marketers, Bad For Consumers)

Think you get a lot of email in your inbox now?  If the infographic below is correct, you’ll be getting more “Bacon” email in the future. Bacon email is not spam, its sent from legitimate sources at your request, but they send alot.  And they send more than you want or are willing to read.  One of the more interesting figures is that only 18% of people love the bacon they currently received, while 61% is deleted without being read.

For those in the marketing world that thought email was dying this should serve as a wakeup call that its not going anywhere.  Faced with more competition for their customers via email marketing, how should business be responsible about sending out email so as not to alienate their customers and devalue their brand?

One idea is to consider removing people from your email list who never open your email marketing pieces.  If someone has not opened any email after six different attempts, for example, is it really worth continuing to send them more? Perhaps you should have seperate email lists for frequent and infrequent open subscribers.

What are your thoughts on this infographic?

How A Manager In Texas Used LinkedIn To Hire A Sales Position In Florida

The first in an occasional series on how social media can be used for recruiting.

Michelle Yancy used LinkedIn to exclusively recruit for a sales manager position. The company is based out of Irvine, California, the hiring manager, Michelle, in Dallas, Texas, and they needed a sales manager for the Miami, Florida area.  She posted a position description to the LinkedIn Job Board and paid $195, which would keep the position listed for one month.  Out of the 35 candidates that applied, Michelle estimated that three-fourths were qualified for the position. One of the factors she used to select the best candidate was to compare their LinkedIn and resume information.

“LinkedIn proved to be a valuable tool in recruiting for this position.  We were looking for someone with a professional image and LinkedIn offered more chances for someone to demonstrate that image when compared to a traditional resume. This was money well spent, and I would use the service again for my next hire.” – Michelle Yancy, on the value she gained from using LinkedIn

Her advice for recruiters using the service was to be as specific as possible in the job description. Instead of keeping it broad in hopes of attracting lots of candidates, she suggested its best to eliminate people from not applying by being clear about what you are looking for in a candidate.

Michelle Yancy is the National Sales Director for WoodSide Credit, find them on the web at

If you or someone you know has used social media to recruit for a position and would like to share their story, please email me – Greg@ChangeDFW.Org

Customer Retention Increased Using Social Media – Small Business Case Study

Special thanks to Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik, one of my social media clients, for letting me write this case study.

Soundsteps Offering Kindermusik experienced significant drop off of customers from its younger age music classes into older ones.  The main reason parents cited for this drop off was that as their children grew older they were able to take different types of classes and activities that they could not do as toddlers such as sports, individual music, dance, etc. Soundsteps wanted to transition more children from younger classes to older ones.

A social media campaign was developed to engage past and present customers of Kindermusik.  Facebook and Twitter accounts were established along with content outlines for engaging and informative content. (Examples below) Daily content was posted for the purpose of bringing the Kindermusik experience online, encouraging conversations among parents about the benefits gained from music classes, and provide shareable content to friends and family from Kindermusik customers.

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The spring of 2011 enrollment figures for older age classes were at a higher rate than younger classes for the first time in the history of their local business.  Soundsteps attributes much of this success to the social media campaign.

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We Are Teaming Up With Austin Street Centre!

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with the Austin Street Centre in Dallas, Texas to provide social media and video production services.  Our goal is to let the world know the good works being done at Austin Street to serve the homeless and poor in Dallas using the latest social media tools. One project in particular is supporting the Austin Street Centre Social Media Volunteer Team that will use volunteers to manage the social media accounts for Austin Street. We are also developing a video series (see below) that features Austin Street staff and clients.

Austin Street Centre has served thousands of people since opening its doors in 1983.  They provide emergency shelter, food, showers, clothing, medications, counseling, and job training programs free of charge to those who come to the Centre. They also provide free counseling services in partnership with UT Southwestern Medical School and the University of North Texas. For more information about Austin Street, visit them online at

Austin Street On Facebook

Austin Street On Twitter